This is a one-off event using funds from the Armed Forces Covenant to
  • Showcase the local Armed Forces Organisations (AFOs) and hopefully gain them some new members
  • Get all the AFOs within the area (Cambridgeshire & Peterborough) to work together more, share events and centralise resources
  • Showcase the Armed Forces Support Organisations (AFSOs) what are available to the Armed Forces Family
  • Showcase Armed Forces Recruiting Teams, Regular, Reserve and Cadets. 
The Fair is open to everyone, civilian & the Armed Forces Family, the Serving, Veterans and their families
Its a chance for the Armed Forces Family to meet your organisation Face to Face, a lot of older veterans and their families don't have or know how to use the internet
We are not looking to make money, entry to the event will be free and we wish to allow each Armed Forces Charity organisation to raise funds

We look forward to your reply and hope you wish to take part



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