Good Morning S/m’s

Many weeks and much water has passed under the bridge and it is good to hear how Branches are coping with the lockdown. Books and Magazines read, Gardens with not a weed in sight and as one S/m advised me he had been housekeeping on his Computer. The latter we do not always have or can make time to do so well done. 

Regarding the 75th VE Anniversary Celebrations which were curtailed for obvious reasons. Several Branches sent me photographs and reports of how their Branch honoured the day. It showed the pride they had in carrying out their duties. May I say a huge “Thank You” on behalf of the Area especially to the S/B’s. A credit to the RNA. 

I received an email from the National Chairman S/m Keith Ridley regarding a S/m in a Care Home who was about to celebrate his 103rd Birthday. He was arranging to send a Card so I have said a Card will be sent on behalf of the Officers and S/m’s in Area 5. As the National Chairman said “ the more the merrier”.

There are Branches who have not made any contact during this sad time. I just hope all is well with them. However, I feel as the Area Secretary, I have a duty to keep an eye on all the Branches and would like to think the support is here for you all.

Take Care and Keep Safe.

Yours Aye
Hon Sec

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