Launch of the 1000 Good Deeds a Day Fund

The RNA takes pride in maintaining naval ethos, having fun with like-minded people whilst supporting the serving navy and each other when needed; in short, we thrive on delivering ‘1,000 good deeds a day’ (in numerous guises).

In December 2019, the National Council approved a new fund, to offer small grants on request to enhance quality of life, remove barriers to enable Shipmates to look after each other, for one off or extraordinary events.  Examples are limitless but may include:

A Covid-19 related mercy mission.

Transport costs/admission fees to take an otherwise isolated shipmate out for the day.

Repair costs as a result of a break-in or deliberate damage to property.  

Contributing to additional or unexpected costs relating to providing new and relevant services or historic events for Veterans.  

Application process

Approval for expenditure under the fund should be sought in advance through Central Office ideally by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or also by letter.  Telephone approval can be obtained in extremis through the RNA Shipmates Helpline (07542 680082).  Applications submitted will be processed as soon as possible.

Shipmates should not expect to draw off this fund without prior approval and all receipts should be submitted for reimbursement on completion of the activity.

Applications are limited to £100 each; this is a new Fund and separate from the Branch and Club Support Fund.  Whilst applications are not limited, the General Secretary has the final decision regarding numerous requests from the same Branches and/or individuals.

Conditions of payment

We will want to know how the money was spent and the impact made!  Therefore, a short story with photographs where possible (having sought permission from all those in photographs) should be sent to Central Office for inclusion in the Semaphore Circular and or the RNA website and social media channels.  Your stories may inspire others to apply!

This new initiative will be reviewed in December 2020 to ensure it is sustainable and that as intended, it supports what the RNA stands for, that is to enhance Members’ quality of life as well as to address need, distress or hardship.

We look forward to hearing from you!

W Oliphant

General Secretary

RNA Central Office 

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