March Branch Royal Naval Association - H.M.S. Pickle comes to March ! 

'Pickle's Night' is celebrated nationwide by the Royal Naval and Branches of the Royal Naval Association.   

H.M.S. Pickle was the schooner dispatched from Cape Trafalgar to England with the news of the total defeat of the French & Spanish Fleet.   

Under the command of Lt. John Richards Lapenotiere RN, he reached Falmouth after nearly two stormy weeks at sea and then by horseback the 300 miles to London; where he reported on the victory.   

The Country went into 'celebration mode'. 

Our first attempt at such an evening; it began with a 4 course dinner of sailors food of those days ! 

Le Soupe Bonaparte - Le Ragout de boeuf - Dick tachete et creme - Les Fromages et Biscuits de Navaires - Cafe. 

Followed by the Loyal Toast.   

Our Chairman - S/M Carol Gowing took the opportunity to thank the people involved for their help; particularly Steve Bradshaw for his afternoon's work preparing the tables for RNA / RBL and Conservative Club members. 

S/M Steve Felstead went into our entertainment - and a wonderful job he made of it !  Commencing with 'Strictly' but not quite so fast or energetic ! 

To the finale with the Royal Albert Hall for 'Last Night of the Proms'.  Our 'young' songsters came to life with plenty of 'bunting waving'.   We continued on socialising an excellent evening.   

Our first attempt will not be our last, names being taken for 2020!  

Bill Barry - P.R.O

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